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Friday, May 27, 2005

My ordeal with X-rays

This is the blog of Petezilla. Let me tell you something about X-Rays:

I sprained my ankle storming downstairs a little over a month ago, and fractured my fifth metatarsal in the process (that would be on the right side of your right foot, the shaft of the smallest toe). I had to wear a beautiful surgical shoe for a few weeks, it was nothing too serious, and I was wearing normal shoes after a few weeks with no pain.

Today I went to have a follow-up X-ray, and after that my ankle hasnt been quite right all day. In fact, it feels like its going to give out at any moment while im standing. After some research, I have come to realize that X-Rays are not as safe as most people would have you believe!

X-Rays have a smaller wavelength than visible light and ultraviolet light, and thus more energy. Now, ultraviolet is known to cause skin cancer: it makes the cells unstable, which makes it possible for them to start multiplying erratically. This is why you wear sunscreen while tanning (hopefully), you dont want to contract skin cancer. So what exactly is an energy source of higher intensity and frequency going to do to your cells? When you go to the dentist, they give you that rediculous lead smock, while they leave the room completely. When I had my foot x-rayed today, the controls for the machine were in a little booth. And you think they do this because they think they're better than us? No, its because they are quite aware of the dangers and would not like to be exposed to it on a regular basis. See this site for information. The dosage of radiation that people at the Three Mile Island incident were exposed to was 1100 milirems. The average breast mammography blasts away at 1500! I have concluded that the X-rays that were blasted at my foot today weakened the healing tendons in my foot. Beware!


Blogger vicky said...

What I have learned lately really blows my mind. Nuclear workers can get up to 1000 millirems in a year at what ever jobs they travel to. On January 1, all the amounts they have gotten over that year are cancelled and they start over at 0 millirems. I ask, how is that? Your body still has the same # but someone can say, "It's Jan. 1, lets erase and begin again. And now I see that in Canada, nuke workers can get up to 5,000 millirems, thats a broad stretch in guidelines!

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